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12th Indiana Regimental Band

Band of the 12th Indiana Regiment in Scottsboro, Alabama, 1864

There is confusion about which Indiana Regiment band is in this photograph. The photo was taken in Scottsboro, AL and the Indiana band appears to be in Zouave uniforms. The 11th Indiana, under Col. Lew Wallace (the author of “Ben-Hur”) was known as Wallace’s Zouaves. They were involved in the Battle of Shiloh in April 1862; but it is not known if they ever ventured to Scottsboro. The 12th Indiana was initially organized under Col. John M. Wallace; but was reorganized under Col.  Wm. H. Link and later transferred to General Logan’s 15th Army Corps at Vicksburg, MS in June of 1863. Like the rest of the 15th Corps, the 12th Indiana moved on to Memphis and then over to Chattanooga. Following action there, they camped at Scottsboro, AL from December 1863 until May of 1864. The 12th remained as part of the 15th Corps and accompanied Sherman on his Atlanta and March to the Sea. They also participated in the Grand Review of the Armies, in Washington D.C.

It is unknown if the band of the 12th Indiana wore modified Zouave uniforms, like the 11th. If so, then this would explain the ambiguity.

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