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Band Music of the Blue & Grey

This tape contains twenty seven of the most popular songs from both sides of the War. It contains Quick Steps, ballads, and waltzes. Side one contains selections popular in the Confederate South. Side two contains popular selections from the Union North. For historical information on these selections, click here: Notes

Tape Selections

Side 1 : Songs from the South

  1. Dixie's Land (D. D. Emmett)
  2. Lorena & Bright Smiles Quick Step (Webster & Wrighton)
  3. Cheer Boys Cheer (Henry Russell)
  4. Prima Donna Waltz (Antoine Jullien)
  5. Slumber Polka
  6. Come Dearest, the Daylight is Gone (Brindley Richards)
  7. Bonnie Blue Flag (V. Vousden)
  8. God Save the South! (E. Halphin)
  9. The Vacant Chair (G. F. Root)
  10. Mockingbird Quick Step (R. Milburn)
  11. Sweet Home (Sir Henry Bishop)

Side 2: Songs from the North

  1. Star Spangled Banner (F. S. Key)
  2. Skyrockets! March (Grafulla)
  3. Indiana Polka (Arr. Schantzman)
  4. Hail to the Chief (J. Sanderson)
  5. St. Patrick's Day in the Morning / Garry Owen (Irish Traditional)
  6. Kathleen Mavourneen (F. W. N. Crouch)
  7. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (L. Lambert)
  8. La Marseillaise (C. J. Rouget de Lisle)
  9. Storm Gallop (Keler-Bela)
  10. The Red, White, & Blue (Thomas E. Williams)


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