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Yankee Bands in Dixie's Land

Greetings from Occupied Huntsville

These 19 Union Brass Band arrangements were played in the occupied Confederacy, many in Huntsville, Alabama. Pictured are, clockwise: 1st Brigade Band, 4th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, 12th Indiana Infantry Regiment, and 102nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment. For information about each band, click on the name of the band. The background is the April 2, 1862 Huntsville weekly newspaper, The Democrat, two days before Huntsville was occupied by Union Troops. We have also included pictures of Huntsville during the Occupation by Union Troops. For Historical Information on the selections on our CD, click here: Notes

CD Selections

  1. When This Cruel War Is Over 11 #47 (Largo al factotum)
  2. Mockingbird & Irishman's Shanty 12. Bonny Jean Q.S.
  3. Faust Q.S. 13. Dixie
  4. Alpha Q.S. 14. Garibaldi March
  5. Elfin Waltz 15. Gentle Annie
  6. Battle Hymn Q.S. 16. Fireman's Q.S.
  7. Centennial Q.S. 17. Washington's Greys
  8. General Birney's Q.S. 18. The Soldier's Return March
  9. Wide Awake Q.S. 19. Battle Cry & Kingdom Coming
10. Sophia Waltz  

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