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A Southron Serenade

This is music from the band books of the 26th North Carolina Regimental Band. They were captured at the end of the War and it is one of the few sources we have or original Confederate Band Music. This CD includes six hymns that were played by this band. The band members were from Winston Salem, North Carolina, and were members of a Moravian Church Band before joining the Confederacy. For historical information on these selections, click here: Notes

CD Selections

  1. Dixie & Bonnie Blue Flag 16. Orleans Cadets Quickstep
  2. "Tu che a Dio" from Lucia di Lammermoor  17. Eventide (Abide With Me)
  3. Cottage By The Sea 18. Melita (Eternal Father, Strong To Save)
  4. Screech Owl Gallop 19. Nicea (Holy, Holy, Holy)
  5. Bethany (Nearer My God To Thee) 20. Kitty Dear & Do They Miss Me At Home
  6. Crusader's Hymn (Fairest Lord Jesus) 21. 21st Regiment Quickstep
  7. Fortress (A Mighty Fortress Is Our God) 22. Thou Art Gone From My Gaze
  8. Be Kind To The Loved Ones At Home 23. Bonnie Eloise Quickstep
  9. Dearest, I Think of Thee (Grand March) 24. Home Again
10. Rappahannock Polka 25. La Marseillaise
11. Quickstep: Old Joe Hooker 26. Carry Me Back (To Old Virginia's Shore)
12. My Maryland & Old North State 27. Here's Your Mule Gallop
13. Easter Gallop 28. Cheer Boys, Cheer
14. The Silver Moon Quickstep 29. Lorena & Bright Smiles Quickstep
15. Mockingbird & Twinkling Stars  

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