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Olde Towne Brass

Terry Cornett
4021 Apollo Dr. SW.
Huntsville, AL 35805
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Standard Features of Heritage Drums


  • 16" diameter (other sizes per quote)

  • Any depth up to 24"

  • 6 ply maple construction with staggered seams (1.25" reinforcement rings at bearing edges)

  • Edges sanded true and shaped with 1/4" round-over inside and out

  • Adequate snare beds installed and 5/8" air vent hole fitted with brass grommet

  • Entire surface sanded, stained and sealed (semi-gloss) in Honey Maple, or Walnut (your choice)


  • 3/8" X 1-7/8" solid maple

  • Drilled for 10 holes (holes are canted to allow easy tuning)

  • Leather and brass "D" ring installed (for sling)

  • Finished in Red enamel, (Wine, Brick Red, Blue, Black, or Clear, optional)


  • 1/4" natural hemp, imported from Romania

  • (Natural cotton, 4-strand linen, or Dacron polyester, optional)

  • Drag rope provided


  • 10 large ears of 12 oz. saddle leather (folded, glued and laced with leather strips)


  • 6 strands of heavy gauge catgut

  • Strainer consists of a steel "J" bolt, with post, escutcheon, and knurled knob of solid brass

  • 12 oz. or thicker leather butt


  • Remo Fiberskyn III top, Remo Emperor snare bottom with logos removed, mounted on oversized (bass drum) rims. (Natural calf skin heads, optional)

  • Flesh hoops and inside of snare head painted with almond enamel


  • Single row of tacks at visible seam (tackwork heraldry, optional)

  • Tack rosette around air vent

  • Brass air vent grommet


  • Same standard features as snares with the exception of snare system and heads (2 Fiberskyn)

  • Fitted with 1 or 2 eye bolts for use with sling (your choice)

  • 18" to 26" diameters available in 2" increments (sorry, no 22)

  • Depths up to 24"


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