Il Bacio  (The Kiss)

    1859, Luigi Arditi  (1822 – 1903)     [Coon's Brass Band Music, 1864]

        Italian composer and conductor Arditi produced his first opera I Briganti in 1841. He traveled to Cuba where, in 1846, he produced Il Corsaro. He later came to America and produced La Spia in New York in 1856. He spent his later years living in London and conducting throughout Europe while developing new talent as a vocal instructor. “Il Bacio” is his most enduring and endearing vocal waltz.


Indiana Polka

    1856, Edmund Jaeger   [Peters' Saxhorn Journal, 1859]

        Peter's Saxhorn Journal was published for use by bands of as few as six players. The charts used doubling to ensure a complete sound with the minimum of horns. These were popular arrangements, demonstrated by the fact they were still being offered for sale in the 1870's. Not much has been found on Mr. Jaeger, except that he is not related to Dr. Edmund C. Jaeger, the desert naturalist.


Iron Brigade Quickstep

     ?, H.N. Hempsted  [piano]


I Set My Heart on a Flower

    pre-1854, Septimus Winner    [1st Brigade Band Books]

        This is one of several beautiful ballads Winner published under his mother’s name, Alice Hawthorne.