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C.A. Zoebisch & Sons

1842 - 1845

In partnership with C.F. Martin

Nazareth, PA

(pre) 1846

Musical Instrument Makers

Lancaster, PA


Musical Instrument Makers

171 & 189 Mott St. NYC

1849 - 1853

Musical Instrument Makers

179 Mott St. NYC

1854 - 1865

Musical Instrument Makers

163 Williams St., NYC

1866 - 1882

Dealer & Importer of Musical Instruments

46 Maiden Lane, NYC

1883 - 1904

Dealer & Importer of Musical Instruments

37 Liberty St. NYC


The founder of the C. A. Zoebisch instrument making company was Carl August Zoebisch Sr.  He, along with his sons C. A. Jr. (1824-1911), Herman Ernst (1833-1881) and Bernhard Zoebisch were a well-established brass instrument manufacturing company in NYC by the year 1860.   In addition to the sale, manufacture and importation of musical instruments, Charles Jr. was a successful business-man and wealthy bank vice-president, was a devout Moravian, as treasurer of the Moravian Church of America.  


C. A. Zoebisch & Sons were primarily importers and dealers, though they did manufacture some of their own brass instruments from imported parts manufactured in a family establishment in Markneukerken, Germany prior to 1870.


In an 1861 advertisement in the NY City Directory, Zoebisch & Sons placed an advertisement announcing themselves as “Manufacturers & Importers of all kinds of musical instruments, Strings & Trimmings…All the newest styles of Brass and German Silver Instruments for Bands, with or without rotary valves, either over-the-shoulder or upright, constantly on hand or made to order.” 


According to the 1870 US Census, the company owned $30,000.00 of real capital, and had $10,000.00 of raw material in stock.  Their shop employed 8 men at annual wages of $9,000.00, who (in) that year produced $30,000 worth of instruments.  In the 1885 American Musica Directory, the firm was listed as an instrument importer.  The firm was a large one for its day and many instruments bearing the Zoebisch signature are extant.


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