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E. G. Wright

E. G. Wright

1839 - 1841 Musical Instrument Maker Roxbury, MA
1842 - 1844 Musical Instrument Maker 8 Bromfield St., Boston

Wright & Baldwin (partnership)

1845 Musical Instrument Makers 8 Bromfield St., Boston

E. G. Wright

1846 - 1847 Musical Instrument Maker 8 Bromfield St., Boston
1847 Musical Instrument Maker 475 Washington St., Boston
1848 - 1852 Musical Instrument Maker 115 Court St., Boston
1853 - 1855 Musical Instrument Maker 121 Court St., Boston
1856 - 1859 Musical Instrument Maker 68 Albany St., Boston

Wright & McDonald (musical ensemble partnership)

1860 Quadrille Band 27 Portland St., Boston
1861 - 1863 Musical Instrument Maker 18 Harvard Place, Boston

E. G. Wright & Co.

1864 - 1866 Musical Instrument Maker 71 Sudbury St., Boston

Wright, Gilmore & Co (partnership with Patrick S. Gilmore)

1867 Musical Instrument Makers 71 Sudbury St., Boston

E. G. Wright & Co.

1868 - 1869 Musical Instrument Makers 71 Sudbury St., Boston

Hall, Quinby, Wright & Co.

1870 - 1871 Musical Instrument Makers 62 Sudbury St., Boston

The E. G. Wright manufacturing firm was started in 1839 by Elbridge G. Wright (1811-1871).  Wright was in business at various address’ and with various partners in and around Boston from 1839 to 1869, and in a final partnership with D. C. Hall and Quinby Brothers from 1869-1871. He was best known for his fine presentation Eb keyed bugles and as a manufacturer of some of the earliest valve brass instruments in America.  Prior to 1864, with the exceptions of times when he was in a manufacturing partnership, all of his instruments were signed either E.  G. Wright, Boston or Made by E. G. Wright, Boston.  From 1864-1867 and 1868-1869, instruments made under his name were signed Made by E. G. Wright & Co., Boston.


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