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Joseph Anton Rohe

1840 - 1841 Music 44 Maiden Lane, NYC
1842 Music 46 Maiden Lane, NYC
1842 - 1847 Importer of Music Instruments 44 Maiden Lane, NYC
1848 - 1851 Music Instruments 44 Maiden Lane, NYC
1852 - 1863 Music Instruments 31 Maiden Lane, NYC

From 1838 to 1839, Rohe operated a music importing business in Philadelphia. In 1840 he moved to New York. In 1846, while in New York, Rohe advertised that in addition to importing instruments, he also manufactured "cornets, trombones, hibocornos, clavicor, neocor, bombardon, valve trumpets, & etc; also guitars and all kinds of woodwind instruments."

In 1851, Rohe and a partner named Leavitte - a member of a family of importers active in the city - established the firm Rohe & Leavitte. They advertised as "Manufacturers of Superior Quality saxhorns and other brass instruments". Their firm remained in business until 1863, when it is probable that they were bought out by Stratton & Foote. Rohe might have been the same person as "J. A. Rohe" who was active in Paris during this period.

Rohe died in New York in 1869. Instruments bearing his stamp are found in several collections.

Click here to see a Boxed Bb Cornet with Ab Crook marked Rohe & Leavitte.


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