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Henry W. Moennig

1857 - 1861

Musical Instrument Maker

141 Forsyth St, NYC

1862 - 1863

Musical Instrument Manufacturer

99 Forsyth St, NYC (Residence)

1864 - 1866


97 Forsyth St, NYC

1867 - 1870

Musical Instruments

99 Forsyth St, NYC

1871 - 1872

Musical Instruments

97 Forsyth St, NYC

1873 - 1874

Musical Instruments

309 Bowery, NYC

1875 - 1879

Musical Instruments

198 & 309 Bowery, NYC

1880 - 1883

Musical Instruments

294 Bowery, NYC


Henry W. Moennig was born in Leipzig, Prussia, in 1825. He was listed as a "Brass Manufacturer" on page 90 of the 1861 American Musical Directory (AMD). He was belatedly listed as a "Band Instrument Manufacturer" on page 109 in the 1885 publication. He died in New York City on March 4, 1894. He was probably related to the Moennig family of Brass Instrument Makers in Leipzig.


The French Horn that I recently acquired is similar, if not identical to the French Horns shown in the 1863 West Point Band. This picture, from the 1863 West Point Year Book, shows two horn players as follows: Front Row, left most musician; Front Row, fifth person from the left.


1863 West Point Band


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