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Hall & Quinby

Hall & Quinby Co.

1865 - 1870

Musical Instrument Makers

112 Congress St., Boston

Hall, Quinby, Wright & Co.

1870 - 1871

Musical Instrument Makers

62 Sudbury St., Boston

Hall & Quinby Co.

1872 - 1876

Musical Instrument Makers

62 Sudbury St., Boston

Quinby Brothers

1876 - 1878

Musical Instrument Makers

126 Court St., Boston


Musical Instrument Makers

8 Straniford Place, Boston


Musical Instrument Makers

7 Straniford Place, Boston

The musical instrument-manufacturing firm of Hall and Quinby was formed in Boston in September 1865 by David C. Hall (1822-1900) and brothers Benjamin F. & George W. Quinby.  For a brief period in 1870, Elbridge G. Wright joined the partnership for the short-lived partnership as Hall, Quinby, Wright and Co.  On the death of Wright in 1871, the firm partnership name reverted back to Hall & Quinby.  In 1876, Hall left the partnership and for a second time, opened up a business under his name alone.  The partnership thus became Quinby Brothers from 1876 on until 1880 when it ceased operations.


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