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Harvey B. Dodworth

Harvey B. Dodworth (1822 - 1891), was one of Thomas J. Dodworth's four sons. Thomas Dodworth emigrated from England sometime before 1820, and established a music store in New York City sometime in the 1820s. By the mid 1830s, this family of musicians, teachers, music publishers, and instrument dealers were well established. They are best known today for the publication in 1853 of Dodworth's Brass Band School. Several of the Brass Band arrangements from this publication are listed in our Published Music section of this web site.

While there is no evidence that the Dodworths were involved in the actual manufacture of musicial instruments, it is evident that they sold a full line of Brass, Woodwind, and Percussion instruments in their store. In addition, the Dodworths were well known for their brass band, the Dodworth New York City Cornet Band, which was established in 1838. This was the first brass band in New York City and the second in the nation (the Boston Brass Band being the first in 1834). For many years, Harvey B. Dodworth was the leader and Eb Soprano player in this band. The Dodworth Music Store was active in the music trade into the 1890s.

An interesting side note, Harvey B. Dodworth was on of the founders of the New York Philharmonic Society, predecessor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

Click here to see an Eb OTS Bass Saxhorn with a shield marked H. B. Dodworth NY.


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