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Julius Bauer

Julius Bauer


Musical Instruments 

99 S. Clark St., Chicago

1860 - 1865

Music Store

99 S. Clark St., Chicago

Julius Bauer & Co.

1866 - 1874

Manuf. & Importers of Musical Instruments

69 Washington St., Chicago

1875 - 1877

Pianos, Organs & Musical Merchandise

Monroe & State St., Chicago

Julius Bauer (1831-1894), a major instrument maker, importer, and dealer established a music store and manufacturing facility in Chicago and is the earliest manufacturer of brass instruments in that city.  His son William M. Bauer expanded the business as importers of brass instruments and the manufacture of pianos.  The firm also established a retail store in NYC in 1868.  All brass instruments signed “J. Bauer, Chicago” were made prior to 1866 in Chicago by the Bauer firm and are considered CW era instruments as opposed to those signed “J. Bauer & Co.”


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