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Klemm Bugle

A large Clarion Bugle in 'C'. A fine example of the standard quartermaster issue United States Army Bugle ca 1855 into the 1880s, and principle style of bugle issued to regular and volunteer buglers in the Civil War. Bugle is 16 1/2" long with a bell diameter of 6 1/4". These large single twist bugles were made in both copper and brass, and were often referred to in military requisition documents as by their French name of "Clarion".  Unlike their modern counterparts, when played, these large conical-bored bugles/clarions produced a very distinctive dark mellow sound/tone, similar to, but even darker of tone then the modern flugelhorn found in today's British-style brass bands. The Bugle is marked "Klemm Bro, Phila", who signed horns like this from 1842 through 1861.  The majority were imported from Europe (usually Germany) In the early days of the Civil War, when demand for military equipage was greater than the supply, bugles, like other items necessary to equip large armies were in short supply and it was by far cheaper for northern and southern government contractors to import them. These bugle were copies of the standard French Army bugles pitched in Bb of the mid 19th century, and still in use by the French Army today. The Bugle is complete with the original mouthpiece.

Instrument Notes by Mark Elrod


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